Our Promise

For nearly 40 years, NORCAL Mutual has provided coverage and defense to our policyholders with solutions-focused claims handling, designed to reach the best outcome. Additionally, our policyholders can access risk management services developed from the knowledge and experience gained from a national team.

At NORCAL Mutual, we are proud of our rich history and partnership with the medical community. Since we issued our first medical liability insurance policy in 1975, NORCAL Mutual has grown from protecting a few hundred physicians to now serving over 20,000 hospitals, physicians, clinics and ancillary medical groups across the country. The practice of medicine is changing, and so must NORCAL Mutual to continue to be the same strong partner that we have always been to our policyholders.

Physicians are facing new challenges as documentation moves to a digital platform. These changes demand contemporary coverages, which include specialty data, privacy and billing to protect physicians in this new digital environment of medicine. Additionally, patients are demanding the most efficient delivery of healthcare that requires physicians to focus a considerable amount of time on the business components of their practices.

NORCAL Mutual has committed itself to anticipate and be an integral part of providing physicians the best insurance solutions to the emerging trends in medicine, as well as respond in a manner that assures the strength of our financial core. This will allow us to serve you now and into our shared future.

This is our promise.

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When it comes to your protection, strategic decisions should always be made with you in mind, not the bottom line. NORCAL Mutual is governed by you, our physician policyholders. We are not a stock company. As a policyholder of a national mutual, you have the right to vote in the board of directors who guide the future of our company and to share in annual dividends that may be declared. Learn More
The Mutual Benefit 
NORCAL Mutual originated as a physician-owned and directed company to meet the needs of physicians during a time when access to professional liability was scarce. As a leader in the industry for over 30 years, NORCAL Mutual has fought for physician rights and tort reform to ensure the availability of affordable coverage now and in the future. Learn More
The leadership team of NORCAL Mutual is dedicated to providing innovative product offerings designed to protect the reputation of physician’s in a changing environment. Learn More
Board of Directors 
As a policyholder of NORCAL Mutual, you have the right to vote in your board of directors. Our board consists of physician leaders and industry experts who are dedicated to protecting the interests of our policyholders as their own. Learn More
Financials & Annual Reports  
Each year, NORCAL’s Annual Report provides an overview of the company’s core values, operating results, product and service initiatives and superior financial standing. Learn More
NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company
Supplier Diversity Statement 

A diversity of ideas, perspectives and cultural experiences makes us a better, stronger company. Such diversity is good for NORCAL Mutual, good for our customers and good for the economy. NORCAL Mutual is therefore committed to pursuing business relationships with enterprises owned by individuals of diverse backgrounds. Those enterprises include women-, LGBT-, veteran-, disabled veteran- and minority-owned businesses that share our commitment to delivering outstanding value to our customers. NORCAL Mutual is committed to a process whereby we can promote such relationships while assisting our diverse vendors and suppliers with expanding and growing their businesses.

NORCAL Mutual recognizes those businesses that are independently certified to be at least 51% owned and operated by women, LGBT individuals, veterans, disabled veterans or minorities as qualifying under our Supplier Diversity Policy. In determining minority ownership we consider ownership by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans and Asian-Indian Americans.

NORCAL Mutual’s Supplier Diversity Initiative is coordinated by the Legal Department, with support of the Finance Department. All NORCAL Group employees are part of the implementation of procurement policies and procedures that will help NORCAL Mutual achieve its goals.